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1,000 Gifts in 1,000 Hours

With your help, Dell Children's Medical Center is transforming lives with one thousand gifts in one thousand hours, one child at a time. Thank you. Your donations to the Dell Children's Wish Book are restricted to provide equipment and supplies to the Child Life department.


This week's featured items:

1. Candy Apple Tudor Recorder ($6) - used in music therapy to increase respiratory functioning, oral motor skills and for general expression.
2. Sketchbook Journals ($8) - used to create art journals.
3. Gund 13" Phillibin Bear ($13) - to be used as comfort items for patients and for medical play/therapeutic play and expression.
4. Danaelectro N10A Honey Tone Mini Amp ($20) - used in music therapy in conjunction with electric guitars and tranducer pickups.
5. Sony Playstation Vita Memory Cards ($30) - needed to support PS Vita system for patients needing distraction or on bedrest.
6. PS3 Games ($50) - provides alternative focus for patients/siblings who are anxiously waiting in pre-op area prior to surgery. Also used for distraction during awake procedures and anesthesia induction.
7. Large Art Canvases ($65) - often used for bereavement projects for families as well as for art therapy.
8. Sony Playstation Vita ($250) - used for distraction and stimulation for teen patients on bedrest.
9. Anatex Fire Engine Activity Center ($350) - To be utilized in Emergency Department waiting rooms, to alleviate parental stress and familiarize the hospital environment for children.
10. Crosley iPad Jukebox ($1,400) - to provide a more comforting environment in the hospital and encourage peer interaction in the activity room.