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Dell Children’s Trust Votes to Grant $66,500 to Dell Children’s Programs

Marty McCartt, Dell Children's Trust
member, with Anita and Dr. Sujit Iyer
The Dell Children’s Trust received 22 grant applications this year. On May 9th, Dell Children’s Trust members met over dinner to hear presentations from the nine program finalists up for voting as chosen by the group’s Grants Committee. After watching the videos and participating in Q&A sessions with each program representative, members voted at the close of the program, to determine which of the 12 options would receive funding.

This year’s funding options ranged from infant car seats to advanced medical equipment and many members fought to contain their emotions as Dell Children’s program staff explained the reasons for the requests. 

The Dell Children’s Trust had $66,500 in their granting pool this year. Each member cast their vote and the following areas received funding.

Fully Funded:

  • Infant Seats for Tiny Children
  • The Peiod of PURPLE Crying - Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • DVD Players for Patients
  • Food Fight for Life: Nutrition Against Cancer
  • Burial Assistance Fun
  • Support Group for Siblings of Children with Chronic Illnesses
  • Operational Training for the Palliative Care Team
  • Tablet Technology

Funded by an anonymous Trust member:

  • Bereavement Support for Medical Examiner Deaths - Endowment

About the Trust: The Dell Children's Trust of Central Texas was established to nurture the next generation of leaders for Dell Children's. It is a philanthropic organization comprised of people who share an interest in pediatric healthcare and are dedicated to providing leadership through service and philanthropic support to Dell Children's.

The Dell Children's Trust is collaborative giving to create impact. Departments and programs within Dell Children's apply for grants each year. The annual membership donations are pooled and the Trust members vote on which programs they would like to fund. For more information on this group or to join, please visit their webpage.